Wa Regional Hospital: Caregivers Raise Concerns Over Their Welfare.


Some caregivers at the Upper West Regional hospital have expressed their displeasure over challenges they face in entering the main gate of the ultramodern health facility.

Tungsung Radio’s Yuorbeviel Vitus on Thursday, 26 November, 2020, visited the facility and spoke to some caregivers:

One of the caregivers, HUMU SAAKA, laid hercomplaints bare to us: “yes it is true, we are really facing a lot at the gate when we want to enter.

Days ago, a woman came to see her sick husband but the people in charge didn’t allow her despite the reasons she gave. After a long while begging them to open the gate, she later had a call saying her patient had died, “ she alleged.

“Checking the place too, there is no place for us (visitors) to sit and wait for the visiting time to be due. Even where we used to sit just buy the gate, they have nailed some nails on to the surface to prevent people from sitting there. So now, we don’t know what to do again. so it will be right if there was a little shade for those of us who bring food for the sick, she suggested.

She wondered why both human and vehicles were made to use the same place as entrance and exit route, when there were two routes at the gate – one for people and another for vehicles.

Another caregiver who preferred to remain anonymousalso corroborated the story of the woman who lost the husband while trying to enter the hospital.

“I suggest if even they might think one is liaing when visiting a patient with food, one of those at the gate should follow the visitor inside to see whether it is true or not rather than denying you the chance to enter,” she also suggested.

An attempt by this reporter to speak to those manning the gate was met with resistance amid excuses.

Despite these challenges caregivers go through there, they also have to come face to face with another problem of having their Motorbikes locked outside the yard.

The gate men warned, “if your Motorbike is parked outside and anything should happen to it, we are not at fault”.

It must be said that aside the designated parking lot for motorbikes inside the hospital yard for a fee, there is another parking place outside the hospital yard which has no signage preventing motorbikes from parking there.

However, the parking of one’s motorbike there attracts a 2 Cedi fine before it is unlocked for the person, even though it is parked outside the hospital at his or her own risk.


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