Wa West: SociaLite distributes 51 solar lanterns to households

Story by Ibrahim W. Abubakari

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SociaLite, a None Governmental Organization that operates within the Upper West province of Ghana has yet again extended its helping hands to residents of Yaasoteng community in the Wa West District to distribute rechargeable solar lanterns to interested members.

In all, some 51 households benefited from the community-based mini-grid system.

The community solar lighting system is made up of rechargeable lanterns, phone charging slots together with non-compulsory sound and video equipment.

CEO, SociaLite fixing solar panel

According to SociaLite, it does not sell its lanterns to users but rather provides service to interested communities that are not connected to the national grid.

Mr Mustapha Osman, Chief Executive officer of SociaLite, said at a short ceremony that the individuals who choose to use their lanterns are to pay a one-time registration fee of Gh₵10.00 and a monthly fee of Gh₵5.00.

Adding the cost for charging a single mobile phone goes for Gh₵1.00 as extra fees are demanded for the usage of audio and video devices.

“These monies are paid to maintain and operate the system and establish the service in other communities” Mr Osman stated.

Assembly member, Kumah Maxwell (Smock), Chief of Yaasoteng, middle and CEO, SociaLite (Black T. Shirt)

The CEO said his outfit is ready to work with any community in the region that needs the service of SociaLite to help change the look of the community.

Mr Osman indicated that for a community to benefit from one or more of these services, two prominent members of the community must complete and sign an application form agreeing to take overall full responsibility for the system operation.

Hon. Kumah Maxwell, assembly member for Talawonchelle electoral area who received the solar lanterns on behalf of the 51 households in the community said it was a joys moment to him and the entire residents seeing SociaLite coming to their aid.

He said the community not being connected to the national grid is affecting residents negatively as that has slowed down economic activities and education.

“If there was to be light in the community, our women would have been selling ice water, drinks, and many others but now they can’t do such”, he worried.

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Hon. Maxwell assured that the provision of the solar lantern to the community will boost academic performance in the area as students will use them to study at night without many difficulties.

He said the community is undertaking a communal labor to construct a single operational room and house SociaLite lighting system to ensure full security and privacy for the project and its workers.

Section Community members

Mr Maxwell made a passionate appeal to other None –Governmental organisations to come to their aid as the community still lacks so many social amenities.



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