Ridwan Abass Scores Government 80% On Fighting Corruption.


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Sissala East in the Upper West region of Ghana, honourable Ridwan Abass, has scored the Ghana’s government an impressive 80% mark for fighting corruption.

According to him, even though there were many reported cases of corruption scandals in the last 4 years in this government, all such cases had been subjected to scrutiny and investigations by the required relevant institutions mandated to do so.

So to him, much has been done by the Nana Addo-led administration in the fight against corruption.

The honourable member who, for the first time, won the Sissala East seat for the NPP in the 2016 elections but lost in the party’s last Primaries in his bid to again represent the party in this year’s elections, was speaking to Prince Abayema on Tungsung Radio’s late afternoon socio-political show dubbed, ‘Yeliminga’ to wit, The Truth.

On the government’s achievements on education aside the Free Senior High School policy that is being trumpeted by the party’s communicators at the least opportunity, honourable Ridwan argued that a lot of infrastructural projects had been embarked upon especially in his constituency, that had led to the reversal of the Double-Track system in some of the schools.

He emphasized the government was also in the process of retooling the Education Directors and Circuit Supervisors with vehicles and motorbikes respectively to enhance their work for better output.

In addition, he stated that the government had decentralized the application of Educational Scholarships to make it more accessible to the ordinary citizen.

Honourable Ridwan was also full of praise for the Planting For Food and Jobs initiative by the NPP government which he claimed, had enabled farmers cultivate more crops leading to high yields to help check the country’s food security.

Asked about his resolve in playing a part in the party’s campaignfor the December 7 elections even though he lost in the last Primaries to honourable Chinniah, the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, Ridwan Abass posited that his allegiance is to the party and not to an individual. Hence, he did not see why he should sit on the fence simply because he was defeated in an election.

He said it was his hope that honourable Chinniah would garner more votes than he, Ridwan did, in the 2016 elections. He believed that as a young politician, he had a lot before him going into the future.

Honourable Ridwan meanwhile lamented the overwhelming pressure that comes with the work of legislatures owing to the numerous requests at their doorsteps.

He advised those aspiring to be leaders to learn to be patient with others.


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