Rashid Pelpuo exposed again


The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Wa Central constituency is caught in what could best be described as subterfuge of gargantuan proportion of a supposed Hospital Beds ‘donation’ made to the Wa Municipal hospital recently.

The 28 hospital beds that were handed over to the health facility is now being trumpeted by communicators of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the constituency as a ‘donation’ of a whopping 200 hospital beds.

The MP is being hailed for using his own funds to procure the said items for onward ‘donation’ to the hospital.

Interestingly, the social media handle of the Member of Parliament that promotes and propagates his achievements which also serves as a source for the media has not captured this purported ‘donation’ even though a local radio station belonging to the MP carried a story on its news site to that effect.

Indeed, this does not in any way mean to single out the reporter for blame as he might have reported what he had been told by Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo, the incumbent MP.

The report claimed the MP was responding to an earlier request by the hospital authorities asking for the beds but were pleasantly surprise to take delivery of the items.

However, Tungsung Radio (97.3) is learning that the claim by the incumbent Member of Parliament is untrue.

It has emerged that the supposed 28 hospital beds that has now metamorphosed to 200 hospital beds ‘donation’ was a Central Government project of 10,000 beds allocated to all the 275 Members of Parliament (MPs) Ghana’s Parliament to be distributed to health facilities in their constituencies irrespective of their political parties, per a letter we have intercepted.

From the Ministry of Health and dated 21st October, 2020, the letter, signed by Mr. Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the Minister for Health, is titled, “Distribution of 10,000 Hospital Beds Produced by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives.”

The President in the letter directed that the hospital beds be distributed to all constituencies for onward handing over by the MPs

“His Excellency the President has directed that the hospital beds should be distributed to all constituencies. He has also directed that Members of Parliament should officially hand over their allocated hospital beds to the health facilities within their constituency”, it reads in part.

Apart from informing the Regional Directors of Health of the directive, the letter also asked each MP be allocated at least, (29) hospital beds comprising varying specifications.

Following the above revelation in the directive, questions are now being asked why the MP brought 28 beds instead of the 29 stated clearly in the letter.

In addition, the letter also directed leadership of the Parliament of Ghana to inform both sides of the House to contact their respective Regional Directors of Health Service for further information.

This revelation comes after the MP was again exposed over crediting himself for the building of a 12-unit class room storey block and a fenced wall at Fallahia Islamic School in the Wa Municipality which he had no hand in.

He was said to have taken the move to lobby for a 6-unit class room block only to be informed a contract for a 12-unit class room block had been awarded after a renowned local contractor and a dedicated team at the Islamic Education Unit lobbied for same.

By: Ilyaas Al-Hasan

Below Is The Publication of the letter In Detail:


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