Mahama points to principles as reason for not conceding.

Story by: Ilyaas Al-Hasan


John Dramani Mahama, Former President of the Republic of Ghana, has said his failure to concede defeat in the just ended 2020 Presidential elections but chose to contest the outcome at the Supreme Court, was based on his dedication to democratic principles, just as our forefathers stood on to fight for our liberation.

He said the fight for the country’s independence did not come easy as our forefathers refused to choose the easiest or convenient options in their quest to achieve their aim due to the principles they stood for.

He added that they refused to abandon their objective of seeking for justice in their own land where they should have a say to demand the sovereignty that belonged to them and future generations.

“…The freedom that we enjoy today was not given on a silver platter. It came at a price. It came because our forefathers and mothers stood on principle. Our history books are filled with the names of individuals who refused to take the road that was the easiest, or safest, or most convenient.”

“They refused to surrender their ability to appeal for justice in a land where they were meant to have a voice and use it for the betterment of themselves and their children and future generations.”

“All who fought for independence stood on principle to demand the sovereignty of this land that belongs to us, the people of Ghana,” he posited.

To him, Ghana is a peaceful nation today because Ghanaians have always stood on principles emphasizing, Ghanaians have always fought for their democracy as understood by their forefathers as a determinant for lasting peace after the liberation of Ghana back then in assuming an independent status.

“My Brothers and Sisters, I stand here today to remind you that Ghana is a peaceful nation precisely because Ghanaians have always stood on principle. We have always fought for our democracy.”

“Our forefathers and foremothers have always understood that without this basic foundation, whatever peace exists in our country will not be lasting; whatever liberation we have as the architects of our collective future will soon be lost, “ the former president pontificated.

According to him, as a former president he appreciates the essence of peace and would not do anything to derail the peaceful atmosphere being enjoyed in a country he holds dear in his heart.

The former president noted that when he lost in the 2016 elections, he conceded not only in the interest of peace and democracy but also as respect for the will of the people.

While dismissing the assertion his refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 elections is due to his crave for political power, John Mahama claimed his decision was motivated by his dedication to principles and commitment to democracy.

“In 2016 when the election was not called in my favour, I conceded. I conceded in a congratulatory call to my opponent. And then, not long after that, I conceded in a public address to the good people of Ghana.”

“I conceded not simply in the interest of peace and democracy, but because I respect the will of the people. I did then, and I do now. So, when I say that I will not concede this election, please know that I have not taken this decision lightly; understand that it is not because of a desire for power, but because of a dedication to principle and a commitment to democracy, “ he clarified.

Former President Mahama argued that his decision to contest the elections at the apex court of the land was borne out of the inconsistencies in the election results that were reported which gave him a reason to doubt the credibility of the election results.

“Based on the irregular and inconsistent results that were reported, I have reason to doubt that this election was free, or fair, or transparent. And without those fundamental pillars in place, how can any of us be sure that the results announced truly represent the will of the people?, “ he explained.

Mr. Mahama also indicated that the step taken by him is one meant to ensure state institutions are held accountable in the discharge of their mandate. He said it is also to provide the environment “where we can stand on principle and demand transparency without the risk of losing our lives.”

He believes the country will once again come out of the current situation at the end of the day, more stronger, just as she has always managed to manoeuvre her way during difficult times.

He made these comments Wednesday, December, 30, 2020, on Joy News monitored by Tungsung Radio following the filing of his writ earlier in the day at the Supreme Court of Ghana by his lawyers to challenge the 2020 Presidential general elections.

Electoral Commission, the electoral body of Ghana and the President-elect, Nana Akufo-Addo are the first and second respondents in the case respectively.


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