Eric Dakurah debunks supporting the campaign of Mornah

Ilyaas Al-Hasan


The Human Resource Manager of the Wa Municipal hospital, Mr. Eric Dakurah, has dismissed reports linking him to the campaign of Mr. Bernard Ambataayela Mornah, Parliamentary Candidate (PC) of the People’s National Convention (PNC) for the Nadawli-Kaleo constituency in the just ended elections on 7 December, 2020.

He said the video in circulation on social media that captured him and the PNC PC riding horses was being misinterpreted to mean the pair were at a campaign ground of Bernard Mornah when the video was shot.

Speaking to Dimbie Jamal on Sung-maale FM Thursday, 17 December, 2020, on their Nosourisung Morning Show program, Mr. Dakurah explained the scene in the said video was at Kaleo where he had taken Mornah to, for official introduction after having been enskined as Biis Naab (Youth Chief) by the chiefs and people of Bimobas in the Garu and Tempani district of the Upper East region.

According to him, the visit at Keleo was at the instance of the chief of the Kaleo traditional area. He said as the Secretary to the Sankana chief as well as secretary to the Sankana Area Youth Development Association, he was detailed by the Sankana chief to lead Bernard Mornah to the chief of Kaleo and his subjects.

Hence, he was there in his capacity as the Secretary of the chief of Sankana to present Mr. Mornah to the chief of Kaleo and his people but not for any sort of political campaigns as speculated.

The former regional scribe of the party noted it was during the said event at Kaleo where the video under discussion was mischievously taken by someone to erroneously claim he was seen campaigning for the PNC candidate.

He emphasized that his position as secretary to the chief also afforded him the opportunity to lead Bernard Mornah and his entourage to the North East region as part of processes leading to the enskinment.

Narrating further, the soft-spoken politician bemoaned the severe backlash and insults he was subjected to on social media platforms of the NDC from those who gave credibility to the allegations thrown at him.

He nonetheless said he has forgiven those who vilified him for, they did so out of ignorance.

He however challenged anyone who believes he has a case to make against him over the matter to explore the laid down structures of the party to see if that will stand the test of time.

Sounding emotionally charged on radio for the first time, the former NDC Secretary pontificated he is under no obligation to offer any of his party followers prior notice before taking part in any traditional engagement or event.



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