Aspirila ; An Apology Of A Journalist!

The work of a journo is a noble one the world over. Aside from providing information, education, entertainment for the society, journalism also aids in the socioeconomic and spiritual development of the populace.
The work of a journalist must aim at positively impacting the lives of the ordinary citizen through the aforementioned routes.
To achieve this, adherence of the tenets of this ink fraternity must be followed to the latter to gain the accolade of a professional journo.
Just knowing how to manipulate the console and/or putting words together are not just the prerequisite of a professional journalist.
The journalism field particularly in my part of the world is inundated with many charlatans and riff-raffs doing great disservice to this noble profession.
This does not exempt even those with formal training in journalism as it makes less difference in practising without having undergone the formal training much as one religiously observes the professional ethics and tenets of journalism.
Sadly, there are some of such media folks in my locality casting a smear on this noble profession, gradually making it unattractive a befitting career for any right-thinking person.
One of such people is one Umar Kunateh alias Aspirila of Home Radio in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region of Ghana.
The broadcaster has gained notoriety for unleashing venomous effusions with alacrity at people he dislikes on radio with little regard to journalistic ethics.
During the political campaigns in the lead up to the just ended general elections December 7, the Parliamentary Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for Wa Central, Hajia Humu Awudu, was his latest victim.
The editorial policy of the radio station owned by the incumbent Member of Parliament for Wa Central, Dr. Rashid Peluo, seemed to have suddenly been metamorphosed into an attack dog specifically directed at her.
Aspirila’s readiness to pounce on the influential politician given any least opportunity ostensibly to satisfy his pay master was at an unimaginably insatiable rate.
Instead of delving on issue-based discourses relevant to the constituents, the discussions often revolved around her personality and private life punctuated with palpable lies, fabrications and innuendos.
With the polls coming to an end that saw Hajia Humu lose to the incumbent MP, one would have expected that all the propaganda and smear campaigns would have ceased.
Unfortunately, the maverick broadcaster seems to have a contrary view as he has once again showcased his renewed hatred for  Hajia Humu in his latest news item on the station’s news website accusing the woman of assaulting one Anwar Sadat in Accra.
He wrote the story based on the information received from the said Anwar without seeking to have the story balanced by seeking her side of the story.
Reading the story, the impression you get would be to think Aspirila himself indeed witnessed the supposedly assault on the said Anwar Sadat.
Apparently, the two siblings of Hajia Humu registered their displeasure yesterday, Tuesday 15 December, over Sadat’s decision to visit them in their house ostensibly to tease them for their lost in Wa Central Parliamentary elections amid blurring of music from his car which lyrics that sought to point to her impending defeat again should she contest in subsequent elections.
Recounting the incident to Prince Abayema in an interview on Tungsung Radio Wednesday, December 16, 2020, elder sister of Hajia Humu, Hajia Safura, said Sadat came to their house in the absence of Hajia Humu to tease them on their loss, which she and her other sister took exception to.
She debunked the story as carried by the pro-NDC portal stating nothing of that sort happened as alleged by Aspirila.
When confronted by Hajia Humu via phone to ask why he did not call to hear her version of the supposed incident, Aspirila while choking on his words, claimed he tried phoning her without success.
Hajia Humu in her admonition told him she had tolerated him of all his insults in the  past for far too and believes the time is ripe to seek redress in the law courts to sue him and the radio station for defamation.
In journalism, when an allegation is levelled against someone, the ethics of the profession dictates that you get the response of the person to ensure you get a balanced story.
Interestingly, Aspirila, there after, thought it right to edit the story to add a last paragraph which hitherto was not there, indicating he made efforts to reach her on phone albeit unsuccessful.
As muslims, we must know that your hatred towards somebody can never deny the person what the destiny of the person holds for the fellow. The opposite is also true.
We must also remember that the palm can never block the shine of the sun from glowing just as the threat of the frog does nothing to prevent the cow from drinking from the river.
The enterprising politician, Hajia Humu, is by no means looking her back at all. Her rise to bigger things is surely on, by His Might.
The Almighty Allaah reminds us in Surah 5 Chapter 8 of the Holy Qur’aan where He says: ” O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allaah as just witnesses; and let not the ENMITY and HATRED of others make you avoid justice. BE JUST: that is nearer to piety; and FEAR ALAAH. Verily, Allaah is Well-aquainted with what you do.”
The Lord of The Worlds instructs us not to let our hatred or dislike for others engineer us to be unjust towards them.
Before we  slander, malign and insult others, let us remember we are not angels either. There maybe people out there with a dossier of our heinous crimes just waiting for the right time to strike.
So you do not need advice not to throw stones when you live in a glass house. The one who brings ant infested faggots to his house should not complain when lizards begin to pay him a visit.
The question I will like to ask here is, what crime has Hajia Humu committed by expressing her desire to serve her constituents to warrant this wanton marauding attacks as well as outright lies?
The propaganda from both sides during the campaigns is enough. The insults and blatant lies must stop now!


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