If I could, I would change the mindset of my people on Arts – Reign Arts


Report by: Yuorbeviel Vitus

Mathew Delay popularly known in the Upper West Region as Reign Art said he will change the mindset of people to art work if he had the power.

Reign Art made this statement in an interaction with Yuorbeviel Vitus of TungSung Radio where he explained the brain behind the short video he released on YouTube.

“They don’t give pleasure to the work we artists do and when we organize programs even for free , they won’t come, so if I had the power I would change their mindset to art so that even if they won’t buy but just have a feel of it,” he said.

After explaining how he had his name as Reign Art , he added that he came a long way with nothing but now has a gallery, a place where he exposes his works for marketing.

About the video, he said “I really wanted to be silent about it but I have a lot of people calling from places asking me the motive behind the video , but for now I wouldn’t like to speak out now.

I traveled to Funsi to do painting and had this particular dream but thought it was a normal dream until I had it the second time when I visited Bolga , I decided to call a friend, discussed with him and he agreed so we cast the video on Sunday 22 November 2020.”

He said, aside this he won’t go into details about the video.



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